Paris Men’s Fashion Week 2021: Moroccan Brand Casablanca to Make Their First Ever Physical Appearance

The fashion brand Casablanca was founded by French-Moroccan Charaf Tajer. Charaf’s love for fashion runs in the family, and his parents worked together in a clothing atelier in Casablanca, where they met and fell in love. His launch of the brand in June 2018 was dedicated to his parents, and ever since then, his brand has only been growing.

M-Styles | « Un designer arabe ou noir, il faut que ça devienne normal en  France » : Charaf Tajer et sa marque Casablanca, dans le radar de la mode
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On Casablanca’s website it says, “Casablanca’s aesthetic is a fusion between lux and leisurewear, a perfect equilibrium of comfort and elegance,” describing what the brand is about in the most perfect manner. The Paris-based brand is also known for its wearable and colorful clothing, which is made out of silk and cashmere. All the designs are heavily influenced by Charaf Tajer’s Moroccan origins.

Casablanca has participated in Paris Fashion Week before. However, Casablanca made a digital presentation two seasons in a row. And now, Casablanca will be exclusively putting on a show for the Paris Men’s Fashion Week this year, and it will be a physical show. Paris Fashion Week will take place from the 22nd-27th of June, and will include around 73 designers from all around the world, with Casablanca making its debut on the 26th of June.

Many of the participating brands will make a digital appearance, while others will be making a physical appearance. Some of the brands besides Casablanca include Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Dunhill, and Thom Browne. Regardless of the huge number of designers, shows, and the fact that it will take place for an entire week, the event will not be a huge one due to precautionary measures regarding COVID-19.

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