Internet Furiously Reacts to Jerry Seinfeld’s Visit to Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp in West Bank

Long gone are the days when tourism meant visiting religious temples and historic wonders. Now there’s a new industry thriving in Israel called Military Tourism, because the world isn’t violent enough. A new trend of anti-terror fantasy camps have started with companies giving courses that allegedly help Israelis defend themselves against their, so called, enemies.

One of the companies that have gone viral this week is Caliber 3, located in Gush Etzion region of the Occupied West Bank. The counter-terror and security academy received a visit from famous Actor and Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, during his visit to present two sold-out performances in Menora Mivtachim Arena last week.

 “The legendary Jerry Seinfeld and his family were in Caliber 3. During their visit to Israel last week, they came to us for shooting training with displays of combat, Krav Maga, assault dogs and lots of Zionism. It was great.” Camp 3 excitedly announced on their Facebook page.

Via Caliber 3 Facebook page

According to Haaretz, Caliber 3 offers a basic package which includes a simulation of a suicide bombing in a Jerusalem marketplace, immediately followed by a stabbing attack and a live demonstration with attack dogs, and a sniper tournament. To say the backlash was horrific would be putting it mildly. Seinfeld fans as well as Palestinian activists soon took to social media to express their disappointment and disgust.

WE SAID THIS: Such a public disappointment from one of our favorite actors.