Instagram’s Latest Update Will Make Arabs’ Lives Easier

Via theverge

Instagram has just announced that they now support three new right-to-left languages; Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew.


Before implementing this revolutionary update that will change the lives of Arabs on their platform for the best, Instagram had supported 33 languages — including everything from Tagalog to Romanian to Bahasa Melayu — but never right to left languages. The reason it took this long was the fact that they had to reformat their entire app to support an opposite text flow.


Via theverge


For a while now, Instagram has supported languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese that can be read right to left and top to bottom, but never before has it supported exclusively right-to-left languages.


There are more than 60 million Instagram users in the MENA region, according to Tech Church, and introducing the aforementioned three languages was much needed!



WE SAID THIS: Does it support Dothraki though?