FYI, 95,000 Cameras Are Tracking You 24/7 in This Emirate

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If being paranoid is your thing, then the UAE’s Ras Al Khaimah is definitely not your city.


It has been reported that the emirate has 95,000 surveillance cameras all over its streets and squares. The cameras also operate on every corner day and night. “The installed cameras are very useful in busting criminals, and it also curbed many crimes,” said Major-General Ali Abdullah Alwan Al-Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of the RAK police.


Via Tumblr


In addition, the RAK police are working on installing cameras on all the road’s entrances and exits to track every vehicle that enters the emirate until the very moment it exits it. Al-Nuaimi also stated that the project will be equipped “with very advanced features to help identify the faces of the violators and wanted criminals.”



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