Indian Restaurants Every Curry Lover in Dubai Must Try

In a country of curry fanatics, Indian food culture is everywhere. All around Dubai, Indian food lovers can taste delectable dishes whether on a budget or with money to spend. This selection will explore where to find the best Indian curries (and basically the best of Indian cuisine) in Dubai, the city that does Indian food better than anywhere else in the Middle East.





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Located at the Movenpick, Chutney is where you want to have Indian and feel like a royal. Their curries have literally won awards and they have free Wi-Fi, so basically your life is complete.




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With its set-price all-you-can-eat a la carte menu, Adukkala is the best value for money, thanks to its use of high- quality ingredients.






Ashiana is considered to be one of the city’s best-loved Indian restaurants, and not without good reason, because when it comes to both atmosphere and cuisine, it is up there with the best. Try their onion bhaji.



Biryani Pot



Served in clay pots, this Instagrammable Jumeirah restaurant’s tasty biryanis include lamb, prawn, chicken, and even a quinoa version for veggies looking for a protein boost.



Brick Lane



Hands down the best jalfrezi in town. Don’t have jalfrezi anywhere else. Just don’t.






This place is basically a samosa’s heaven! This dish will make you believe in life after love, it will make you forgive Game of Thrones‘ Theon after all the shit he has done, this dish is everything.





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It is five-star fabulous, but not in a stuffy, pretentious way; however, the only thing diners will remember is the food … the glorious food.



Casa de Goa


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Serving Goan dishes, Casa de Goa has a beautiful terrace, a menu packed with flavor as well as live entertainment.



Sai Dham


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You’ll be surprised to know that favourites including dhal and paneer tikka masala are prepared without onions or garlic, but still come packed with flavor.



House of Curry



Yes, it’s called House of Curry for a reason. We’re not gonna tell you why…



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