There Is Now a Number to File a Complaint Against Your Sayes

Via ElWatan


Who hasn’t been abused emotionally or financially by a sayes (the person who supposedly helps you park) at some point of their life in Egypt? As frustrating and manipulative as they can be, we have to admit they are also life savers in the most crowded streets of Cairo. However, according to Emad Hammad, Director of Media and Relations at Cairo Traffic Department, being a sayes is apparently a job that requires a permit from the Egyptian Central Traffic Department.


The certified sayes will go through a complete background checkup and will be given an I.D to carry at all times. Hammad announced on Radio Misr’s show, Arabeyeti, that anyone who will practice the sayes profession without a license will be arrested.


In order to prevent random people from collecting money from drivers  to park in public streets, you can call 01155554444.



WE SAID THIS: Okay! So who is going to help us park in Mohandessin and Nasr City? We need more parking lots please.