In Pictures: Big Discovery in Luxor Yields at Least 24 of the Most Colorful Coffins Ever Discovered

Today, excavation in Luxor’s Valley of the Monkeys has led to the discovery of more than twenty sealed coffins. The Ministry of Antiquities stated that these artifacts were found in the same state ‘as the ancient Egyptians had left them’.

The huge cachette was found at Al-Assasif, an ancient Egyptian necropolis on the Nile’s west bank, in the vicinity of the Valley of the Monkeys in Luxor. The coffins were found to be extremely well-preserved, with the vibrant colors decorating them still intact.

The tomb, which is located at the heart of ancient Thebes’ ruins, houses two levels of coffins, where royals and officials of ancient Egypt’s 18th Dynasty were laid to rest. Archaeological findings at a nearby site date back to 1530 B.C.

More details are set to be revealed in a press conference next Saturday as the statement clearly singled out this discovery as one of the most significant in these past few years.

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