Arab Supermodel Bella Hadid Declared the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Via Allure

Palestinian Supermodel Bella Hadid was declared as the most beautiful woman in the world. According to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, Bella is on top of the list, beating everyone’s favorite Pop Icon Beyoncé, who came in second. Among the beauty queens that Bella has outshon were Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Amber Heard, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, and Cara Delevingne.

Via Daily Mail

According to the Golden Ratio Rating, Bella Hadid scored 94.35% accuracy to the beauty standards, while Beyonce scored 92.44%! The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi originates from the European Renaissance; where artists and architects used a mathematical equation – known as the Golden Ratio – to help during the creation of their masterpieces.

“Bella Hadid was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection.” Said Dr. Julian De Silva who runs the London-based Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

WE SAID THIS: We definitely believe she deserves the title!

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