In Pictures: Abu Dhabi’s Boomah Cafe Is Home To The Friendliest Owls

If you’re wondering where to have your next coffee, you should definitely give this cafe a visit soon. ‘Boomah,’ which translates to owl, is the first owl cafe in the UAE and the Middle East. Located in the capital Abu Dhabi, this place lets you have your drink and socialize with these cute creatures. Since Boomah prioritizes the wellbeing of the owls, they have professional owl trainers who clean and train the birds regularly. Most importantly, they also give visitors a few instructions to follow during their encounter with the owls, to ensure their comfort. For example, visitors are given a special owl-friendly hand sanitiser before entering the Owl Room, so they can safely touch the owls or pat their heads.

Boomah, which is strictly against selling or hunting owls, recently celebrated their first anniversary too. Scroll down and check out the beautiful silent birds, and make sure to visit it and see it for yourself!

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