Exclusive Style: Magrabi & Valentino Launch 300 Pairs Of Limited Edition Sunglasses Across MENA Region

An exclusive eyewear collaboration is happening under your radar, and you don’t wanna miss it. Magrabi and Valentino are teaming up for the first time in the MENA region. The Italian international brand has teamed up with the regional eyewear brand, calling it The ‘Valentino Magrabi Edition,’ and we are all here for it!

Three hundred pairs of limited-edition sunglasses feature ‘Valentino Magrabi Edition’ engraved inside the temple and packaging, and with their own distinct serial number. Since February 23rd, the unique sunglasses have been available at 56 Magrabi stores across the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.

The unique packaging, naming both of the brands

These designs have been described as “timeless aesthetic, signature to both brands,” according to Magrabi. These limited-edition sunglasses guarantee uniqueness for its wearers, with a whole fashion statement of its own. Uniting the buyers of each brand with a state-of-art look, the collaboration sure is worth the wait!

On Magrabi and Valentino

Magrabi is equipped with the best medical eye care specialists and are one of the pioneering fashion eyewear companies in the Middle East. Founded over 90 years ago, Magrabi has over 150 stores. Valentino has been around for over 60 years and was founded in Rome, providing timeless elegant creations as examples of Italian couture and excellence.

Both brands show all of us fashion lovers that the power of sunglasses should not be underestimated. While just a small item, its impact on an outfit is unforgettable. Each brand stands for its own designs and strengths, and with both brands collaborating, wearers ulimately get the best and classiest sunglasses. Valentino definitely chose wisely when deciding who to team up with. I mean, look around you. The Middle East is always sunny. But, now you can protect your eyes fashionably, expressing yourself boldly and as loudly as you can in whichever design you please.

Squared style, round, cat-eye, oval shaped, rectangular shaped, golden frame, black, brown, patterned, gradient lenses, mirrored lenses, they’ve got it all. You can choose any look you prefer from a massive collection. Be sure that no one else looks like you though, because in case you forgot, the sunglasses are a limited edition!

Take a peek on a few of the collection’s sunglasses!

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