From Ahlem to Okhtein, Here Are 9 Arab Eyewear Designers to Help Complete Your Summer Look

By Malak Khaled

It’s extremely sunny nowadays; we can’t even look around without squinting! Summer is a season when everyone puts on their stylish clothes and matches them with trendy accessories to spice up their look when out in public. This is why we’ve decided to list you our favorite Arab eyewear brands that will go perfectly with your outfit, so remember these brands next time you go shopping.

By Karen Wazen

The Lebanese Karen Wazen is a Dubai-based content creator who’s glasses became widely known all around the world. Her designs are extremely modern, unique, and go with many different styles.


Okhtein is an Egyptian brand that is widely known for its handbag line, but finally, we’re going to get to see a different side of the sisters Mounaz and Aya Abdelraouf when it comes to sunglasses; it’s a huge developing step in the journey of the brand.

Amr Saad Artisan

Amr Saad is an Egyptian handcrafted eyewear brand, inspired by human stories, feelings, and emotions. Every piece literally has a story; they’re like diaries. Their designs are made to be a “method of finding one’s true self in the universe.”

Ahlem Eyewear

Ahlem was launched in 2014 by Parisian, Los Angeles-based designer Ahlem Manai-Platt who is of Tunisian descent. This brand is loved by many celebrities like Beyonce and Kendal Jenner. It also has a feature that helps you find the best glasses for you through your face shape.

Yara Eyecare

Yara Eyecare or See Eyecare (as a translation of ‘Yara’) is a Lebanon-based brand founded by Yara Nehme in 2006. Nehme studied in Paris and is both a licensed optician and an optometrist. She gets her inspirations from “the colors of beautiful Lebanon and its nature,” she delves deep into her surroundings and comes out with beautiful shades.


Delalle eyewear is a Lebanese brand that always stays ahead of the trends and is very careful when it comes to quality and design. They are also offering 40% of their sales to relief efforts for Lebanon’s disaster.

Port Tanger

Port Tanger is named after the Moroccan city Tangier, the brand’s creative directors Daniël Sumarna and Bilal Fellah actually take inspiration from the city as they see it as a gateway to Africa and the portal to Europe.

By Jazzy

As the brand says, Jazzy is a brand for a “Jazzy-er” you. Jazzy is an Egyptian brand that offers really nice colored sunglasses that would look good on many different face shapes.

Nile Eyewear

Nile Eyewear is said to be the first Egyptian eyewear brand established in 2014. You could see their designs on many stars like Amina Khalil, Ahmed Zaher, and Amir Karara. They offer insane amounts of designs, all of which are very trendy, stylish, and come in so many colors; it is highly unlikely you won’t find a design you like.

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