10 Reasons Why Soccer is the Best Sport in the World

The argument has always been in the favor of football. But, is football the best sport in the world. We don’t think so. Instead, we think soccer is the best sport in the world and this article explains our stand. Over the last couple of years, millions of sports lovers from different parts of the world have pitched their tents of loyalty with different sports teams. Football and soccer are the two most competitive sports that are placed one over the other. The fact that football is popular doesn’t make it the best sport. That is why we present to you this article to reveal some of the reasons why soccer is a better alternative to football – and indeed, the best sport in the world.

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Soccer has Fluid Play

Playing sports of any kind requires an eye for details so you can make the most out of every situation. That is one reason why soccer is one of the best sports in the world. The fluidity of the game means that there will be little or no occasional stops and distractions during the gameplay. Instead, both the clock/timing and the ball are in motion at all times. If for any reason the ball goes out of play, it will be put right back to play the next minute.

Less Exposure to Injuries

Unlike football where injuries are sustainable, soccer doesn’t overly expose the players to injuries. The less likelihood of getting injured during a soccer game is because of the extra care taken during the team formation. When the injury rate is low, you can rest assured that more athletes will have a longer, healthier career.

Soccer Doesn’t Require Much Equipment

Soccer players don’t need to break a bank to afford the equipment they need for the game. That is because of the inexpensiveness of this type of sports. The inexpensiveness of soccer is partly because of the few items athletes need and mainly because those items are affordable. For example, a ball and soccer cleats are the most important items to get for the sports. On the player’s part, they only need shin guards, jerseys, and shorts to play comfortably.

Soccer is Popular

Despite the proliferation of football games, such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and English Premier League; it doesn’t change the fact that soccer is popular. It will interest you to know that soccer is considered one of the most popular sports in the world because of the 265 million players that play the game.

The Athleticism of the Players is Awesome

If there is anything critics cannot take away from soccer, it has to be the organized system of playing the game that allows the players to be in top shape at all times. We have followed up on football news and seen the number of players with different challenges, such as:

  • Breaking an ankle
  • Suffering from a knee injury and all that.

On the contrary, soccer abstractly empowers the athletes to be in the best shape they can be. That is because this type of sports encourages the players to maximize their physical fitness in many ways.

For example, a soccer game can last up to 90 minutes, during which the players can display and put different fitness skills to play. At the same time, the players will be improving on their fitness as they change from position to position.

The Rules aren’t Complicated

Players already have a lot of things to worry about. From tackling other players to regain the ball to watching their goalpost and preventing shots targeted to create a goal – players have a lot to think of. So, it doesn’t make sense to overburden them by creating and implementing additional rules that would work them up. That is why we believe that soccer is a better sport because the rules aren’t complicated. The primary rules are to keep to the offside rule and never use your hands when playing.

Soccer has a Wide Range of Competitions

The two primary aims of any kind of sports are to test popularity and win the game. For soccer, the opportunities are much more because soccer is one of the few types of sports that offer a wide range of competitions. Ideally, soccer is available in two formats:

  • Soccer club sides
  • International soccer

The first format is mostly for club sides whereby soccer teams in a specific city can compete against themselves. In some cases, those club sides may take part in soccer competitions within the country. On the other hand, there is international soccer where national soccer club sides compete against one another. Besides, you can enjoy soccer entropay betting sites opportunities when using MightyTips. Deeper research will show you that soccer punters tend to make more money from betting on soccer games than they would ever do betting on football matches. Therefore, you can rest assured of being entertained all-year-round because if the local club sides are not playing, there will always be an international soccer game showing on your television.

Adverts Don’t Interrupt the Game

Adverts during sports competitions are a great way for brands to start putting their services in the faces of thousands of viewers all over the world. However, it may become a boring affair when ads take a major part of the game. That is why soccer beats all the other types of sports. There are limited advert placements during a soccer game because adverts are only published during halftime.

Soccer is an Inclusive Sports

Football is a type of sport that favors mostly men. Only a few football clubs consider having a women club side for women to take an active part in football. On the contrary, soccer is one of the best sports you can find in the world today because it is inclusive. Both men and women can take part in the game, especially in the United States.

You Don’t Need Predisposed Genetic Advantage to Play

Once again, you don’t need to be sidelined despite your passion to be a soccer athlete. Unlike football where you need a specific height and age, soccer doesn’t require all that. Thus, the absence of predisposed genetic advantage makes soccer one of the best sports in the world because you can become an athlete regardless of your height and age. Now you see some of the reasons why people prefer soccer to football or any other sports?

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