Immensely Viral Kiki Challenge is now Officially Banned by Law in Three Arab Countries!

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Several online sources confirmed that the viral choreography challenge is now banned by law in Egypt, Jordan, and UAE. Leading Canadian Singer, Drake, released a song weeks ago called “In My Feelings” and its lyrics inspired renowned Comedian Lil Shuzi of “The Shiggy Show” to initiate the dancing challenge. The video went more viral than expected and international celebrities from all over the globe took part in the challenge.

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When the challenge reached Egypt, a huge number of Arabs participated in making videos; including celebrities and social media icons like Yasmine Raes, Dina El Sherbeiny, Essam El Hadary, Lara Escandar, Dorra Zarouk, and Mohamed Mekawy. A fine of EGP100-300 is to be applied on anyone taking part in the Kiki Challenge across Egypt; unless the challenge resulted in the injury, death of someone or damage to any vehicle, then the violation will take a criminal turn!

Madgi Al-Shahed, an Egyptian Traffic Police Expert, said in a phone interview with TEN satellite channel that currently the Egyptian law forbids any vehicle driver from driving without closing the door’s of their vehicles, or driving slower than the required minimum speed limits specified.

Several Jordanian news websites claimed that security authorities have banned the Kingdom’s residents from taking part in this challenge, however, a security source told Roya Channel that no one has been fined for dancing to Kiki.

In a similar manner, the Kiki Challenge has officially been ruled as a serious traffic violation, punishable by up to AED 2,000 and 23 black points, as well as vehicle impounding for 60 days.

WE SAID THIS: We hope that everyone prioritizes their safety and that of others.