Why You Should Keep Your Diet A Secret


 “Ba3mel regeem…

How many times have you said those words? How many people encouraged you during that time and how many kilos have you actually lost?

Okay, the first and only rule: Don’t say those words again to anyone – especially when you go to tant made7ah and tant 3afaf, your family friends or your neighbors.


At Dinner Parties

If you’re going to someone’s home for dinner, never tell them that you are on a diet. Do lots of talking – “camouflage” – but never say you’re actually on a diet. Keep putting salad and grilled stuff in your mouth.

On the contrary, if you go in and say, “Ahh… ana ba3mel regeem” – things will be totally different. Remember, it’s in our blood and culture to show generosity to others and the only way to show it is via the amount of food on the table, and tant made7ah as well as tant 3afaf spent the past seven days cooking, so don’t go in with “Ba3mel regeem” at all because the entire dinner party will be on you!

And how come you’re dieting while you’re at their house? You should start dieting tomorrow and not during that meal – and all that lovely encouragement. So leave the words “Ba3mel regeem” to your cousin who hasn’t read this article yet.

Now, use the same technique when you go out with friends to any restaurant or café because you will find the same attitude EVERYWHERE, not just at tant made7ah or 3afaf – even if it’s subconscious. They will order a pizza and leave half of it in front of you, just because.


At Weddings

Like any other dinner party, never mention the words “Ba3mel Regeem” because your friends will start with the mango juice, then the nuts and while you wait hours for the wedding to start there will be more and more nuts. Then when the buffet begins, they’ll start convincing you. You’ll potentially leave with 3,000 calories after couple of hours alone.

Tab3an don’t mention that you are dieting. Before the wedding, have your dinner at home and while you are there, enjoy it! Do a lot of dancing (awesome and fun way to lose some calories) and go for green tea. You’ll leave the wedding with a few calories less than the many others you’ve attended over the past year.


Men el a7’er

Some friends and family members will support you, while others will remind you that you’ve tried dieting before and you never reached your goal – even if you tell them that you are doing something different this time and you’re determined to go for it. Just focus on your goals – slowly but surely.

And don’t forget: Keep those words “Ba3mel Regeem” to yourself!


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