Hurghada and Muscat are About to Witness a Boost in Tourism Rates and Here is Why

By Febronia Hanna

Good news for Egypt and Oman, your efforts to boost tourism have worked out. According to Colliers International’s Mena Hotel Forecast for June. It seems that Hurghada and Muscat are going to be tourists hot spots in the upcoming few months.

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The report shows that these two cities will witness a growth of 13% and 8% in revenue for Hurghada and Muscat respectively. Hurghada is benefiting from the increased security procedures and the thrust in occupancy and average daily rate from the leisure segment.

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As for Muscat, the report expects the revenue to be high as a result of corporate and long-term stays as well as the rally in oil prices. On the other hand, Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s statuses remain stable through the season.

WE SAID THIS: Lovely news for the two beautiful cities!