How to Keep Your Beard Healthy

A healthy beard is not just a beautiful beard, but one that will look superb and feel comfortable. Beards do need maintenance and care, so it is certainly worth reading our following tips on healthy beards. Let’s not hang around, here are the best beard care ideas you will find anywhere.

Keep The Beard Hydrated

As with your hair, you need to keep your beard hydrated and conditioned and the best way to do this is to use a quality beard oil. Beard oil puts into the beard all the nutrients it needs to grow healthily. It’s a great product to have in your bathroom cabinet – a must in fact for a man with a beard – and will give your beard a lush and beautiful look that is instantly noticeable. Use a beard oil regularly, as advised on the bottle, and it will also keep the skin under your beard healthy and hydrated.

Wash Your Beard with Shampoo

You wash your hair, so why not your beard? If you’re not already doing this it is important that you wash your beard as you do your hair. Use a shampoo for men formula and simply treat your beard as if it were the hair on your head! There’s a lot to be said for keeping a beard clean as they are receptacles for grains of food and other debris, so keep it washed.

Comb Your Beard

Between washes and oiling, make sure you comb your beard with a dedicated beard comb. This not only gets rid of any particles that may be nestling in your beard, but it helps move the oils and nutrients through the beard. The result is a healthy beard and one that looks good. Combing will also allow the natural oils to further hydrate the skin.

Keep it Neatly Trimmed

When you trim a beard you take away any damaged or split ends, and also neaten up the beard overall. This serves to make it look good and also make it easier to maintain. A well-trimmed beard is easier to clean and hydrate, and if you keep it in regular trim, you’ll find it is easier to wear and more comfortable.

Pay Attention to Your General Health

Your hair – and therefore your beard – will only be truly healthy if you take care of your general health. Neglecting your body is always going to reduce the standard of your hair, and poor health can affect growth. The general advice is to make sure you sleep and eat well and keep your body in good shape. You don’t have to exercise hard, just take regular walks and don’t let things get out of hand. Keep yourself hydrated all the time – this is important to general health – and avoid smoking and alcohol where you can. 

There are other beard products you can use aside from shampoo and oils to give your beard those essential nutrients, so we recommend you check them out and start paying attention to the health of your beard.

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