How to Breakup 101

A breakup can occur whether you have been with the person for one month, a year or even a decade; and it’s always tough. Just like there are healthy and unhealthy relationships, there are also healthy and unhealthy ways to let go of someone you once loved! Learning how to break up is the first step.

So here are a few things you can do to make the breakup process easier for you both.

Keep it civilized


Remember that there was a time when you liked something about that person, something you respected or even admired, try to hold onto that.

Don’t threaten to kill yourself


If this isn’t the highest form of manipulation, I don’t know what is! We all know you won’t do it, so get over yourself.

Don’t decide that all men/women are useless


Just because someone did you wrong, that doesn’t mean all people are the same. Try not to generalize and accept that there are times when things just don’t work out.

Let the other person move on


Don’t obsess over him/her, stop the endless callings or text messages, give space to both of you to detach and move on.

Don’t drunk dial


If you need to delete your ex’s phone number to keep yourself from doing something stupid like that, then do it

Stick to your guns


Don’t let anyone manipulate you into thinking that you’re overreacting or that you’re making a big deal out of it. Always remember the reasons why you broke up with that person in the first place!

Load up on ice cream


Ice cream, chocolate, and wine. These can help you get over anything. Trust me!

Give yourself some ‘me’ time


Before rebounding or even getting into a new relationship, give yourself some time to go back to the real you, the version when you were just happily single. This way, you’ll make a better decision when choosing the next person.

Avoid engaging in stalking activities


Trust me, I know it’s hard, I’ve been there. But for you to move on faster, you need to leave that person and all the drama behind you. You need to give yourself that closure.


WE SAID THIS:  Have I missed anything? If you have ideas for better ways to leave your lover,  please comment below!