Top 10 Australian Honeymoon Destinations


By Aleksander Pichkur

Australia is a combination of exotic, wild nature and glittering modern cities. This is a country with wonderful roads, endless ocean beaches, and coral reefs. So, if you have already met your soulmate on, then it’s high time to think about a proposal and the best honeymoon destinations in this amazing country.
Newlyweds will definitely find something to their tastes and will have an amazing time together.

These are the top 10 honeymoon destinations you should pay attention to.


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It is a small town located on the ocean coast 120 kilometers south of Sydney. The main attraction of Kiama, thanks to which this place has become quite famous and attracts a lot of tourists is Blowhole or “spitting hole.” With a certain periodicity, a large column of water outrushes through a natural hole in a rock, hanging over the water. Sometimes it reaches a height of 25 meters. This attracts up to 600 thousand tourists a year. However, it is not only about Blowhole but also about the special beauty of these places. An amazing combination of green hills and huge Norfolk fire, black volcanic rocks, magnificent beaches, and azure ocean! What else do you need for a perfect honeymoon?


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Sydney is the main city in eastern Australia and the capital of New South Wales. If you want to contemplate the panorama of Sydney, then a boat trip will be the most suitable option. You can admire the views from the Harbour Bridge, which also deserves special attention. There are other no less remarkable sky decks, such as West Head Lookout, from which Sydney can be seen for miles.

The main local attractions, restaurants, cafes, cultural places are located in Darling Harbour. The Central District is the business area of Sydney, while Rocks is one of the most comfortable places in Sydney, kind of its “old town.”


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It is recognized as the most convenient city for living on the planet. This is a big modern metropolis and the cultural capital of the Australian continent. No matter how many days you intend to spend in this amazing place, you will not have enough time to see all its sights. Just go up to the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, from the observation deck of which you will see a stunning picture of Melbourne.

A closer acquaintance with Melbourne takes place on its streets and squares where the ancient Cathedral and the modern skyscraper, the Town Hall building, and the Business Center peacefully coexist. Collins Street can impress you with similar contrasts; it runs through the central part of the city.



Brisbane is in the top three largest cities in Australia, and it seems that this city isn’t going to stop its development even for a minute. It is a very convenient city. You will never get lost on its streets, and if you get tired of your walk, a cozy cafe for rest or a bus stop to continue the route will be somewhere next to you. CityCat Ferry is considered the hallmark of the city. It runs along the Brisbane River, which divides the metropolis into the northern and southern parts. If you want to see the panorama of the city, you should walk up to Mount Coot-Tha where you will also be able to visit the botanical garden. Of course, if you are nature lovers who’d like to see koalas, ostriches, and kangaroos, then you should definitely go to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Zoo where you will be able to stroke them with your own hands! If you are an “advanced” esthete, be sure to visit the Gallery of Modern Art.


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Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. It is a large modern city, in which, at the same time, you can easily find the brightest representatives of the Australian fauna. And beautifully equipped beaches are located along the coastline. Adelaide offers relaxation for every taste.
Start exploring the city with its main attractions. Just 15 minutes from the center is an amazing British-style manor house, Carrick Hill, with a lawn and a garden, of course. No less beautiful is the building of the former Government residence, which is located in a picturesque park area. Not only the facades and landscape design of both objects are preserved in their original form. All interior furnishings and surroundings are absolutely authentic. And a visit to the National Wine-Making Center will not leave you indifferent, after which a fun party in one of the entertainment establishments in the central part of the city will get even brighter colors.



Perth lies at some distance from the large and noisy cities, as, to some extent, from civilization in general. It is this idea that arises in the head of a traveler, who looks around at virgin beaches, transparent water, and the lush greenery which this amazing resort city is surrounded by. Stepping on the land of Perth, the newlyweds will immediately plunge into the atmosphere of calm serenity. Only sunbathing, contemplation, and swimming are the main concerns of the tourist in Perth. But if you want diversity and a bit more “thrill” sensations, go to the adventure park Whiteman Park or the city zoo to see a wombat and a kangaroo with your own eyes.
Northbridge is one of the favorite holiday destinations in Perth. Most of all party-goers will like it there; Northbridge is rather crowded. And the lovers of a relaxing holiday should better look for a quieter place, for example, Scitech, the city planetarium, where the sky of the southern hemisphere opens its star secrets before you.

Island of Tasmania

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One of the most mysterious and picturesque corners of the planet is the island of Tasmania, which is a part of Australia and its separate small state. In this small corner of the land, which you can go around for a few days, you can see all the diversity of nature; mountains, Argentine pampas, green valleys, and extended plateaus. Newlyweds will be able to enjoy African savanna, rocky fjords, and deep lakes.
On the territory of Tasmania, there are 20 unique national parks, which have become home for animals and plants that you will no longer find in other parts of the world.

To see all the diversity of Tasmania, you should look at the island from a bird’s eye view. Helicopter companies willingly provide their services to tourists. From above, you can see apple orchards, dense vineyards, and Stillwater city glittering with lights, which is famous for the best restaurants in the world.
In addition, you will be able to enjoy a fabulous coast, surrounded by the peaks of pink granite and Wineglass Bay, chained with mountains that emphasize the enchanting charm of this amazing island.

Gold Coast


One of the most popular tourist centers is the Gold Coast, a 42-kilometer rest area, which stretches along the coast in Queensland. This is truly a heavenly honeymoon destination where everyone can find something to their tastes. You can swim, surf, and take a trip to the reserve or to a local farm. The Australian Gold Coast annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are beautiful beaches with bright yellow sand, thanks to which the Golden Coast of Australia has received such a beautiful name. In different parts of the coastline, you can see waves of different height. Surfers appreciate the high ridges that arise in the central and northern parts and those who like to swim in calm water choose the southern part of the coast. If you are lovers of boat trips, then you can yacht from the pier in the village of Marine. From there, you can take a trip along the beaches of the Gold Coast as well as visit the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Cities of the Golden Coast will meet you with neat, clean streets, dozens of shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes.

Great Barrier Reef


The range of coral reefs, stretching along the northeast coast of Australia for more than 2,300 km, is called the Great Barrier Reef. 340 coral species (out of 350 existing species) can be found in this unique marine reserve. It is not by chance that the Great Barrier Reef is called the eighth wonder of the world. Anyone who has ever seen this area of the underwater world, sparkling and iridescent with bright colors and thousands of shades, believes that there is no more fascinating and beautiful spectacle on the planet. In the area of the Great Barrier Reef, experienced instructors provide an initial course in scuba diving, and professional divers go on cruises with exciting diving at night.

Palm Cove

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The resort town and Palm Cove Beach is a 30-minute drive from the town of Cairns in Queensland, northern Australia. Palm Cove has many hotels of different levels, so everyone will surely find something to their budget. It is nice to stroll along the coast or walk barefoot on the beach, go fishing from the pier, ride a kayak or a yacht, swim to the nearest island, drink a cup of coffee at a cafe on the shore in the morning, or go to the restaurant by the Coral Sea in the evening.

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