How the Coronavirus Could Change Personal Relationships

There has certainly been nothing like the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Of course, there have been other outbreaks in recent years: HIV/AIDS, Ebola, SARS, and many others. But as of April this year, the worldwide fatalities from Coronavirus are heading towards a quarter of a million. The extremely contagious nature of this disease has been dealt with differently across the globe, the USA and the UK have been on lockdown, their citizens advised to stay at home where possible. This will affect so many areas of life, including dating. We might be reaching and passing the ‘peak’ of this insidious pandemic, but what next? Will dating be changed?

Increase in the online to offline period

Dating sites, of any description, are essentially an introductory platform, a springboard that allows singles to connect in the most convenient way possible before arranging to get together in the real world. Until recently, the virtual courtship period could last for as long or short a length of time as the couple wished. With Coronavirus, the likelihood is for the former of those situations. Daters are likely to exercise more caution, getting to know someone better by online exchanges, finding out who they might have been in contact with.

Conversations will become more focused

Previously, there were no limits on what could come up during online discussions while singles were building a rapport. These topics might be easy-going – favorite foods, movies, books, music, holiday destinations – and used as a vehicle for flirting. Now a common conversation subject will be the global pandemic. Instead of ‘what kind to things do you get up to at your workplace,’ your significant other might ask questions like, ‘how did COVID affect your workplace?’

Character assessment

Dating sites like this represent an excellent opportunity for getting to know someone better. You might connect as strangers, but thanks to the secure communication channel offer by online dating sites you can exchange messages, building a profile of someone’s character traits. If someone admits they continually ignored the medical advice about dealing with the pandemic, and still went out socializing, this should ring alarm bells about how trustworthy they are.

Video calling superseding face-to-face

Before the present situation, the aspiration for most dating couples was to develop chemistry. After reaching the point where they felt comfortable and relaxed with each other, the discussion would turn on likely places to connect in the offline world for a proper date. In the current climate, more and more daters are turning to the increasingly sophisticated video chatting options, allowing for fully engaging connections to be made – from the safety of your quarantine zone.

Online social activities

Following on from video chatting software, this technology has evolved into so much more than creating a portal where two people can watch each other while they talk. Platforms like zoom allow multiple users to participate in online gatherings (up to 100.) So instead of heading off to a bar or club on a Friday night after work, site users can finish working from home, pour a glass of wine, then join in the virtual party. If you’re single, you could even use the opportunity to flirt with other participants.

Shared adversity

The Coronavirus crisis has certainly galvanized society, with communal displays of solidarity for key workers (public clapping, fundraising, etc.) and a real sense of community spirit. As you are getting to know another single on a dating site, having experienced these extraordinary times will be something you are not likely to forget anytime soon. It might have been traumatic for everyone, some more than others, but as well as bringing the population together, it will cement courtship.

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