A Scoop of Hope: Sea Shepherd’s New Campaign to Help Egyptians Report Ghost Fishing Nets

Sea Shepherd is an international ocean protection organization that aims to end the destruction of habitats and illegal killing of wildlife across the world’s oceans to protect our marine ecosystems and species. The organization launches its own campaigns using innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, while working hand-in-hand with local authorities to help defend and restore coastal and marine areas.

The organization seeks to raise awareness about the danger and illegality of unattended fishing nets, and that, like any other tool, when nets are misused they can be fatal. Therefore, responsible fishing is an action that everyone must take. Currently, Sea Shepherd is launching a new campaign in Egypt, based in Dahab, Sinai, to help protect our beautiful marine life by reporting the dangerous and illegal nets.

-Ghost Nets- …abandoned, entangled and killing. This net was just an example of many. I don’t need to write a speech…

Posted by Sea Shepherd Ghost Net Campaign Egypt on Thursday, May 7, 2020

So, if you’re currently in Egypt and have witnessed illegal fishing practices please don’t hesitate and click here to fill out a form and report those illegal practices to Sea Shepherd to protect our environment.

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