How Children Celebrate Eid in War-Torn Syria

The never-ending conflict in Syria is still continuing, children and families who have only known war for the past nine years, are doing their best and are trying to have a normal Eid as possible this year.

It won’t be easy for many children who want to go outside and celebrate Eid , as the fear of shelling doesn’t leave their minds.

The situation is only getting worse, there isn’t enough money to buy new clothes, and they’re always terrified of the airstrikes that is usually carried out by the regime and its allies. As they usually target people while gathered celebrating Eid.

Via: Mirror UK

For many of these children, violence, and bloodshed are the only thing they have seen and known after the bloody civil war broke out in 2011. According to ReliefWeb’s Report on Syria’s situation in 2019, “the ongoing conflict in northwest Syria continues to impact civilians, civilian infrastructure, and humanitarian service provision in the de-escalation zone of northern Hama, southern Idlib governorates, and the countryside of Aleppo.

More than 200,000 people were displaced between the 1st and 16th of May, while 20 health facilities, three IDP settlements, and one refugee camp were reportedly affected by hostilities”.

During the Eid in 2016, children were seen celebrating after a ceasefire took place between the United States and Russia, a rare period of calmness hit the streets across the country which enabled humanitarian agencies to bring war-torn cities food, clothes, and other necessities, which made it easier on children and families to have a normal festive celebration.

Via: Mirror UK

We hope this year the situation gets better, that more Syrians are able to go back to their homes and celebrate Eid with their families and loved ones in a more stable, peaceful and festive environment.

WE SAID THIS: I wish everyone who lives in a war-zone to never stop having hope in life, that nothing remains the same as it is, and this too shall pass.

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