How are Businesses Becoming More Eco-friendly in 2021?

What does it mean to be eco-friendly? In a nutshell, it’s helping to put a stop to any harm caused to the environment. We can do this by changing the way we live and treat our planet. These changes can be small such as making sure we recycle, too much larger roles like switching to renewable energy sources and installing solar panels for our homes. 

We can’t undo the man-made damage we have already done to the planet, but if we were to make sustainable changes, we could reduce further damage. We can reduce the negative effect we have on the environment, both in our everyday lives as individuals and businesses that may have a much larger impact overall. 

If you’re not sure how you can become more eco-friendly or you believe the company you work for could be doing more, then we’ve put these points together below to give you some examples of how we can do our bit for the environment in 2021.

Don’t throw away what can be recycled

How much waste do you produce? We may not be aware of how much we throw away and how much can be recycled. This doesn’t just apply to throwing away plastic bottles every day but can relate to businesses too. If you produce clothing, for example, how can you reuse your offcuts? Perhaps you could recycle material for household cleaning cloths rather than disposing of it. If you’re a corporate business, see if you can limit the amount of paper you use and make sure your staff recycles. Set a company goal to make changes, reduce your waste this year, and add it to your monthly stats meetings. This will not only track your progress but allows you to congratulate your team on their efforts in helping towards climate change.

Use local and sustainable products

If you run a business, it’s no secret that consumers are becoming more interested in buying sustainable products. People are steering away from mass-produced items and looking for locally-made, quality products as a more sustainable alternative. Perhaps one good thing to have come from the global pandemic is the shipping limitations put on large companies who mass-produce items. Naturally, shipping products across the world has become more challenging, forcing people to buy local products. Not only that, consumers realize the negative impact that mass-productivity is having on the environment. Whether you’re looking to purchase sustainable products or ingredients for personal use or as a business owner, buying locally and recycled products will not only help the planet but also support local businesses. They could help your client base too, as many people are more likely to purchase from eco-friendly companies.

Make your workspace sustainable

Much like the products that we purchase, we can also opt for more sustainable workspaces too. What equipment do you currently use in your workplace? Perhaps it might be as simple as setting yourself up online and going digital to avoid the amount of paper used. In terms of technical equipment, can you make repairs instead of throwing away items tools when they stop working? Next, look at the logistics of your workspace and see if it is using renewable energy. 

Covid-19 has forced many of us to work from home, which is great for the planet with fewer people commuting to work every day, but might not be so great for the employees’ increased energy usage. So many people now recognize the importance of recyclable energy sources, as it not only helps the environment but it can reduce monthly bills too. Make your workspace sustainable, and if you’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, you may want to think about moving into an eco-friendly home.

Property developers and property investment companies recognize the demand for eco-friendly living. This is why companies such as RWinvest are helping to launch new eco-development properties. These properties will be fitted with low carbon features such as eco-lighting, eco-heaters, solar panels, and strict recycling policies to limit energy waste.

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