Horrific Video of Hundreds of Men Trying to Harass an Egyptian Woman in Zagazig

This is truly horrifying, disgusting and surpasses our worst nightmares. It is 2017 and sometimes it feels that Egypt is nothing but a jungle with some wild untamed scary predators. Social media has been taken aback by a vile video showing men gathered in the streets of Zagazig waiting for a woman to come out of hiding.


Apparently, a young woman had just came back from a wedding, in -what the caption describes it as- a short dress and men started assaulting her. The owner of Guevara cafe and other men grabbed the girl and helped her hide in the cafe. The police was later informed and showed up at the scene shortly after, trying to disrupt the gathered crowd.


Not only did most people do nothing to help the girl, but they gathered at the scene as if it’s a celebration or some sort of entertainment. According to Al-Ahram, the police had to fire warning shots after the crowd got violent and managed to save the girl. Six men were arrested and identified by the girl.



Watch the horrific crowd below:


حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل في كل واحد كان واقف من قدام كافية تشي جيفارا في القومية، الزقازيق الناس دي كلها واقفه مستنيه بنت لابسه دريس قصير بعد ما اتحروشوا بيها ووقعوها علي الارض واتلموا حواليها وصاحب الكافية وشويه شباب شدوها جوه لحد ما البوليس جيه خدها يروحها وضرب نار علشان يعرف يطلع بيها من قدام الكافية اوسخ موقف شوفته في حياتي كلها

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WE SAID THIS: Everyone who stood by watching should be punished as well. Disgusting!