History Combined With Sustainable Designs: Lebanon’s Architecture Is Getting A NEW Look!

Lina Ghotmeh is a pioneering architect who takes a fresh approach when it comes to sustainable designs. Passionate about preserving the environment, Lina Ghotmeh strives to create stunning architecture that integrates the concept of sustainability with Lebanon’s tradition and roots.

Lina’s creations make remarkable connections between the present and the future have been highly praised! This year, she’s won the Architecture Project of the Year at the Dezeen Awards 2021 for her magnificent Stone Garden building in Beirut project! As a result, her work has caught the international attention of Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, who has expressed her admiration for her breathtaking designs.

Ghotmeh’s “archaeology of the future” approach combines environmental concerns with her excellent sustainable designs. She states…

We need architecture that is rooted in its location and climate, rather than acting as a self-contained environment. I’m constantly linking the structure to historical relics. I’m learning about vernacular architecture and how it relates to climate change, as well as how to project it into the future.

Lina Ghotmeh via The National News

Ghotmeh was proud of her Stone Garden Project – and so she should be! It received international acclaim and was described by the award’s committee as having “extraordinary freshness and strength.” Her main source of inspiration came from her upbringing in Beirut, a city that holds immense history and heritage. Beirut inspired her to use her talents to create a link between the past and the future whilst also caring for the environment that we so frequently ignore.

More innovation and architects that aim to make their mark on their respected industries are needed in order to urge the globe to evolve and think of more environmental solutions. Without a doubt, sustainability is a fascinating topic that the world should investigate more and support those artists that incorporate it into their magnificent work!

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