Here’s Why We Are so Obsessed with Turkish Series

By Salma El Gogary

Turkish shows have always been a great part of every Egyptian’s life and it all goes back to the Turkish TV series “Gümüş” which apparently translates to “Noor”. This hit TV series was the literal addiction for Middle Easterners  for no less than three years in a row. I personally got sucked into this hole when I started watching “Erkenci Kus” and bingewatched the first 10 episodes in two days! 

Scroll down to get the full scoop of reasons.

The romantic factors that aren’t available in the Egyptian scene   

Most of the hit Turkish series are romance based, and this is probably why they’re so popular among us, because it contains a lot of over the top dramatic/romantic scenes that aren’t available in the Middle Eastern series scene.

The cultures’ similarities

A big factor in their popularity are the huge cultural similarities which adds to the enjoyment of the viewer, as they can relate to most of the scenes, contrary to the American/European series that has absolutely no relation to our traditions and norms.

The availability of its streaming platforms

Another reason for their popularity has to be how easy it is to stream and watch them online as most of them are available on YouTube AND with Arabic subtitles, and the shows that aren’t on YouTube could be simply found on other streaming websites without any trouble.


We all know how the drama factor has the highest effect on any series’ watchability, and the Turkish shows are all about that. They’re all full of dramatic scenarios and reactions which makes us feel like we’re living with them and taking in the full experience. 

They’re a little bit too long but we love it!

I think that there are some Turkish series that exceed 250 episodes! Which increases their relevancy as viewers are always curious to know what is new and instantly check the next episode or season.

The relatability

We as Middle Easterners can never relate to the family/school problems that are shown in any American/European series because of the huge gap in the relatability factor, but when it comes to Turkish series, we find that we relate to their everyday lives.

Attractive actors and actresses!

Let’s keep it real, we all love to watch because of the hot actors and actresses! For female viewers, we’re also sick of the presence of cheap criminal-lookalike stars that monopolize the big-screen industry, so how can we resist the dazzling Turkish stars?

Their language is catchy and so easy to learn

Turkish is probably the most similar language to Arabic because of the similar historic origins, so it makes it easy and fun to learn through their series and catch onto the language pretty fast.

The pretty landmarks

A norm that is in every Turkish series are the beautiful shots shown throughout the series. This actually boosts their tourism as it is very close to Egypt, so it makes it easy to see what you are watching in reality and check out these places.

The absence of our own TV series

Our national TV isn’t filled with any new shows unless it’s Ramadan, so it even helps Turkish TV series as they stream them on our national TV channels, so even if you aren’t a big fan of Turkish series you can stumble upon them any time of the day and get sucked in this dark hole!

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