Here’s How the Emirates Crew is Stepping Up Their In-Flight Safety Game

Although flights in and out of the UAE are temporarily suspended, Emirates Airlines is currently working to provide repatriation flights in order to bring Emiratis back to the country and take stranded travelers back home.

To all travelers with upcoming flights, you should expect your next flight back to the UAE to look a little different than normal. Emirates has issued a new set of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the cabin crew, boarding agents and ground staff to wear whenever they are on duty so that travelers feel safe and to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus as much as possible.

The PPE kit includes protective disposable gowns that are meant to be worn over standard Emirates uniforms, as well as gloves, masks and safety visors to cover the eyes. On the other hand, travelers must also wear protective coverings which include a face mask and gloves that must be put on from the check-in point at Terminal three, to the flight itself. Thermal scanners have been installed as well to detect the temperature of anyone coming into the airport. 

Pre-assigned seats have been implemented as well, meaning travelers can no longer choose their own seats but instead, the airline allocates empty seats between individual travelers in order to implement social distancing while in the air. 

Social distancing is also in action with distance markers in the airport’s waiting areas to help travelers measure the correct distance when standing next to others during check-in and boarding processes. And finally, travelers can no longer order special meals. The Emirates in-flight food and beverage services are currently being offered as bento-style boxes, where each box contains sandwiches, beverages, snacks, and dessert, specially designed to minimize contact between the airline’s crew and passengers during flights.

WE SAID THIS: Stay safe everyone!