Here’s How Egypt’s Traffic Authority Will Cut Down Queues for License Renewal

Via Science Source

By Sarah Alblowi

Cairo is the new kid on the traffic law block! 2019 is the year when we can finally break away from the pain of endless traffic; buses and white taxis running around like wild rats. Soon, Egypt’s Traffic Authority will solve all our governmental struggles! Car owners will be able to pay their fines, renew their licenses, and more wth just a click of a button online. No more day-long waits and ques at your local moroor.

The service will send you a message for your fine at the time of the violation, detailing the time, place, and further information about the offense. You then log onto the website via your license number which will then lead you to the records and pending payments on file. If you have ever been under the pressure of bribing a patrol officer, look no further, this system will save the inconvenience and demand your rights. Most laws are listed online, for a confident smooth transaction, visit their website, here.

WE SAID THIS: No more 3-6 hour queues to renew your license.