Here’s a List of The Coolest Jobs You Can Have in Egypt

By: Alia Abdou

We’re in 2018, and as time evolve the stereotypical thought of being an engineer or a doctor is slowly dying. Arab parents’, especially Egyptian ones, thoughts are finally changing now! You no longer have to be a doctor to have a cool job. and since we know that by heart now, we took the liberty of compiling a list of the coolest jobs you can get in Egypt.

1. Fashion Buyer

The only requirement for this job is having a sense of style. If you are a shopaholic and you see yourself as a professional in the fashion industry. This could be the perfect job for you. And, all you have to do is window shopping, so you don’t have to pay for anything. And, “yeah” you will get paid for this.

2. Student Ambassador

All you need for this job is a friendly personality and a positive attitude. A student ambassador plays a role of being the link between his or her university and the outside communities or institutes that hire him/her. In Egypt, when a company wants to have a mass recruiting process for great calibers with specific academic backgrounds from certain universities, they hire a student ambassador from a reputable university to attract his/her university students to apply in this company that pays him/her in return.

3. Mystery Shopper

Many restaurants, hotels, stores, and cafes in Egypt hire a mystery shopper. In order to observe and evaluate their competitors’ product quality, customer service, and general environment. This job requires you to purchase so you can be able to report your experience. But, don’t worry the institute that hired you will have to cover the amount you paid, plus giving you a salary.

4. Social Community Manager

You are going to be the face of the company through all the social media platforms. You will be responsible for creating a brand awareness on different social networks. You will be dealing with people to build awareness for the business you work for. If you have strong communication skills and persuasive personality this is the perfect job for you.

5. Happiness Officer

Some companies in Egypt finally started hiring happiness officers, who are responsible for the company’s internal communication. A happiness officer is responsible for organizing trips, conferences, and events. Your major role is to motivate the employees and solve their problems. You should ensure a happy experience to a company’s current employees, newly hired or candidates in the recruitment process.

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