Here are 10 Common Egyptian Personality Traits We All Love!

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By: Alia Abdou

No matter how much we whine and groan about Egyptians’ attitudes we truly know that there are no people as pure hearted an unique as they are. People living abroad especially miss the warm smiles and loving characteristics that grow within the Egyptian culture. So, her is a list of personalities that are only found in Egyptians.

1. Sense of Humor

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The Egyptians are known for their funny personality. Even in the darkest situations an Egyptian will make a joke out of it. They are the best people to convert sadness to a source of laughter and when a huge event happens in the country, Egyptians are the first one to make a joke out of their own struggles.

2. Generosity


Egyptians are the most generous people ever, they can negotiate for hours about who is going to pay the cheque! If you are visiting an Egyptian at their home it is guaranteed that they will keep offering you all the food, and the drinks they have.

3. Hospitable


If an Egyptian saw any tourist on the street they will randomly welcome them to Egypt. If you haphazardly met your Egyptian neighbor at the door he/she might invite you for a drink or even dinner.

4. Chivalry

Egyptian men are well-known for their gallant, courageous and honorable personality. Even, Nancy Ajram had named the Egyptians the “Kings of Chivalry” in her song “Law Sa2altak enta masry”

5. Optimism

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Egyptians always have an optimistic look to life. They have a belief that tomorrow will always be better.

6. Faithful

Egyptians are very faithful and religious. They think of God all the time, and they leave everything to God.

7. Emotional spirit

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They sympathize with each other through thick and thin. If it’s a funeral or a wedding, Egyptians will be sharing your special moments.

8. Kind-hearted

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The kindest, the most helpful and most delicate human beings on earth.

9. Confident

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Egyptians are very confident about themselves. Of course, they have the right to be that proud. The ancient Egyptian history is the greatest history of all time.

10. Heroic

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The Egyptians are known for their brave character. They created two revolutions in 4 years only. This shows how heroic and adventurous they could be.

WE SAID THIS: It feels amazing to be part of such an amazing nation!