Heidy Karam Follows Kardashians and Rihanna Lead and Releases Makeup Line

If I were a celebrity, I believe the smartest buisness move in 2019 would be to either launch a makeup or lingerie line. Women love them and they’re both timeless products that are sold out in no time.

Egyptian TV host and actress, Heidy Karam, is the first celebrity in Egypt to take a page from the Kardashians’ and Rihanna’s book and launch a makeup line. Beauty By Heidy is basically all natural beauty products with glossy and summery shades.

Via Beauty by Heidy

The actress posted an ad for her makeup which showed Heidy squeezing natural fruits depicting the lack of articial components in her line. The products launched on Beauty By Heidy’s Instagram page so far are a natural creamy blusher, different shades of lipstick, and an oil bronzer.

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