After Nine Years, the Cairo International Biennale for Visual Arts Returns

Via Egyptian Streets.

In 1984, when the International Biennale for Visual Arts was first inaugurated, little did people know that it would grow to become one of the most celebrated art events in all of Egypt. In fact, it grew to be one of the most famous art exhibitions in the country, attracting a large audience as well as a number of international artists.

Unfortunately, since 2010, the Biennale has been suspended indefinitely due to lack of funding following the January 2011 Revolution.

Via Egypt Today.

After nine years, the art festival finally returns in its 13th edition to the grounds of the Cairo Opera House. This version of the Biennale is being dubbed “Towards the East”, in which 80 artists from 50 different countries come together to revive the 35-year-old event.

According to Commissar General Ihab Al-Labban, the Cairo International Biennale for Visual Arts opened on June 10th and will continue until August 10th. Additionally, the event has three main exhibition venues. They will be the Arts Palace, the Museum of Modern Art on the Opera House grounds, and the Aisha Fahmi Palace in Zamalek.

The underlying theme looks to bring art forms from both east and west here in Cairo, transcending both Orientalism and contemporary imitations.

Artists from all over the globe will come to the heart of Cairo to showcase some of their most personal creations. From paintings and sculptures to illustrations and photographs, the 13th edition of the Cairo International Biennale for Visual Arts has it all.

The return of the festival nine years after its suspension is evidence on art’s revival in Egypt. It is a spectacle worthy of being attended.

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