Hanady Mehanna Gets the Ultimate Surprise on Her Engagement Night!

Via Instagram

Hanady Mehanna and Ahmed Khaled Saleh have been on top of their games lately, making waves and headlines for all the right reasons. The latest reasons were that Hanady won the Dear Guest Best Female Youth Actress, and that her latest movie Banat Thanawy will come out on the 7th of January.

The two superstars got engaged recently in a very warm and cozy event filled with family and close friends. However, a video from the engagement went viral on several social media platforms, and became #1 on trending on YouTube!

The video shows Hanady’s Father, Hany Mehanna, as he surprises her with an epic performance; Tamer Hosny! The surprise stunned the promising actress and made her tear up in the very heartwarming video. In less than a day, the video already passed one and a half million views.

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