Which ‘Grand Hotel’ Team Are You: Kesmat or Nazly?

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Ok, so here’s the dilemma! After yesterday’s episode and the verbal battle between Anoushka and Amina Khalil on Grand Hotel, it seemed Nazly was defeated. A lot of people started doubting their love for Nazly, especially after she stood there without saying a single thing after her mom’s speech. But at the same time, everyone felt guilty for sympathizing with the villain, Kesmat Hanem.


As we all know, Anoushka plays the villainess, Kesmat Hanem, in the series Grand Hotel; and Amina Khalil plays Nazly, Kesmat’s sweet and very kind daughter who defends the weak and less fortunate. In the past couple of episodes, Nazly has been supporting Amin (her brother from another mother) and his claim for the Grand Hotel. So after revealing the truth, and Amin became “Amin Basha,” everything went bad for Kesmat and Mourad Basha, turning them guests in their own property.


For those who didn’t watch yesterday’s episode, here’s what happened (SPOILER ALERT OBVIOUSLY): Nazly visited Kesmat’s room to check on her and get ready for dinner; and that’s when her mom gave her the epic speech.


Straight after that scene happened, the Internet went crazy, confused and started taking sides. To be honest, Anoushka’s words actually made much more sense. Was she really mistreated by her deceased husband? Does she have the right to own the place because she spent almost all of her fortune on it and built the place from scratch? Should she be the rightful heiress? Who do you think is right? Who do you support? Let us know in the comments.



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