Ben7ebak Ya Amin and We Can’t Stop Crying for You

This is not about Mohamed Mamdouh. Sorry, but this is about Amin because at this point and after all the tears we’ve been shedding for our adorable big boy in Grand Hotel, he became as real as our BFF who left the country and we couldn’t stop crying for months.


Amin, words simply can not explain how you have managed to mesmerize the whole country and the Arab world. You are a gem. You gave hope to the Amins of the world that people can see the beauty within. You’ve touched our hearts more than Oprah Winfrey‘s episode with Lindsay Lohan. I want to be your BFF, we could bond while braiding Ward’s hair. Yes, I’m that lost in a fictional man.





Yalahwi, that face and that sigh are killers. The second he starts rolling his eyes, we know our tears are coming hard






Basically the whole country became Ward’s mother-in-law, waiting for her to screw our son over, so we can turn all Anaconda on our TV screens or scriptwriter Tamer Habib.






Yatto gamalo. I swear our whole office cries even when he’s laughing






Ben7ebak ya Amin and Egypt will start another revolution if you don’t get that hotel of yours






WE SAID THIS: Tamer Habib, if anything happens to Amin, we will hunt you down. Ben7ebak ya Amin.