Golden Pharaohs and Al Kebbash Road: How Fashion Harmonized Two Grand Historical Ceremonies

The word “fashion” is always connected to the word “statement” and quite frankly, fashion is a statement whether it’s meant to be or not. But sometimes, in big ceremonies, a bigger statement is needed to match.

The creatives and the history

Late November, Egypt witnessed one of the biggest events in its rich history. The opening of Al Kebbash road was watched by the whole world in awe of Egypt’s renewal of all the historical places in it. The ceremony was well thought out, with meticulous attention to detail. One of those details was the fashion created by Soucha Mlihigue, a Tunisian fashion designer with an established fashion house based in Egypt since 1997. The fashion for the ceremony was immaculate, depicting all sorts of Pharaonic costumes, dripped in regality.

Moreover, back in April of 2021, the first major event in Egypt happened. The Pharaohs Golden Parade was a catalyst in reviving Egypt’s rich modern history and attracting tourists. With an out-of-this-world fashion, Egyptian designers and stylists, the whole ceremony was cohesive and structured because of the attention to details brought on by fashion.

The creatives and the future

See, the thing is Soucha did a magnificent job with the costumes and this is not to take anything away from him, but since the whole line up of designers in the Pharaohs Golden Parade, and the opening of Al Kebbash road were all local designers why don’t we expand to the MENA region to include well-known fashion designers? We need to keep a streak and think even bigger but maintain regionality.

What better way to express the essence of the ancient Egyptian heritage and still be authentic to the pharaonic costumes than by teaming up with big Lebanese designers. Someone like Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad. They both have proven time after time their ability to capture the ancient Egyptian style in their haute couture runway shows and it would be fabulously orchestrated if they designed for an upcoming Egyptian ceremony. 

Which designer do you hope to see creating pharaonic looks? Let us know in the comments!

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