Going Mental: Assault Police and Shezlong Join Forces for a Good Cause

Yesterday, Assault Police announced that they’ve partnered with Shezlong, the first online psychotherapy platform in the MENA region, to offer free sessions for survivors of sexual violence. Shezlong hosts therapy sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists online. In their announcement, Assault Police highlighted that they hope to reach many people, and provide as much support as they can.

Assault Police has been a leading platform in rejecting all forms of violence against women, especially sexual violence and assault. With over 203k followers, Assault Police has created a safe haven for survivors of sexual assault to speak up, anonymously, attempted to offer them legal and psychological counseling, and made every effort to get rid of this culture from our society.

Due to the stigma surrounding mental health in Egypt and most Arab countries, people don’t give mental illness the attention it deserves, and choose to suffer in silence. This taboo is slowly being broken down, with the help of local therapists and platforms like Assault Police and Shezlong who have started encouraging people to reach out for help.

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