Geneva to Return Smuggled Statue of King Djedefre Back to Egypt!


By Salma Maher

The statue of King Djedefre, son of King Khufu, to return back home upon the Swiss Federal Criminal Court’s ruling on Friday the 3rd of August 2018. The statue was illegally transported to a storage company at Geneva Free Port from a site near the Great Sphinx, according to the request submitted by the Egyptian authorities in 2017.


Contrary to how the Swiss media feels, the warehousing company claims that the statue belongs to Switzerland, its home since 1958, and not the Giza site. The company’s lawyer, however, confirmed that they will not be appealing the court’s decision.

Alain Decrausaz, general manager of the Geneva Free Port has his eyes wide open and has commenced new checks and controls in hopes of “cleaning up the sector” and keep it free of any illegally traded antiques.

WE SAID THIS: Bet the Egyptian Ancient King can’t wait to come back home where he belongs!