An Open Letter To Dina ElSherbini’s Haters

Dear Dina ElSherbini Haters,

While I understand the life-engulfing type of love you must have for Amr Diab, your reaction towards his new love interest is what modern psychology calls a hysterical disorder. I know, I know, you imagined going to one of his Mena 4 concerts back in the 90s, him catching a glimpse of you in the crowd, then asking you to come up on stage and proposing. Been there, imagined that but as exciting as it sounds, age has taken its toll on me and just the mere thought of standing in a crowded place is enough to drive me away from any Hadaba concert.

Posted by Dina Elsherbiny on Monday, August 6, 2018

So the man of our dreams fell for the villain from Grand Hotel and we can’t seem to get over it. I understand that seeing Amora taking a photo next to the actress is a practically a stab that bursts our fictional bubbles, yet we need to applaud this girl instead of bringing her down. She’s what? Maybe 20 years younger than Diab and he looks completely infatuated. I don’t know how the hell she managed to do that but I need her to write an autobiography ASAP. We can’t even get a text back from a 5/10 type of guy.

And for those who have managed to turn her Kiki challenge and into horrible memes, here are some reminders for your miserable soul. If it’s the hair that’s bothering you, she’s rocking those curls that 90% of Egypt’s female population is dying for now. She brought the curls back way before The Hair Addict Facebook group and the term heat free even existed. If it’s the skin tone, well we’ve been tanning for the past two months just to look the same. Let’s not even talk about that fit and toned body or those acting skills or her sense of humor.

Posted by Dina Elsherbiny on Monday, August 6, 2018

Just a wake-up call for you. While you’re hating on her, Amr Diab is most probably whispering 3awedoni lyrics in her ears. Sigh and shivers! And while we’re at it, why is this the most talked about celebrity romance in the region’s media? This is a paparazzi type of drama that we’ve almost never had before.

WE SAID THIS: Dear God, we don’t need a boyfriend that looks like Diab, we just want a text back.