7 Gender Role Stereotypes Arabs Should Really, Really Get Over

Growing up, we were subconsciously (sometimes consciously) taught that our gender plays a large role in determining the shape of our lives. Whether it’s what jobs we should get, what our hobbies are and even what clothes we should wear, the role our gender plays is growing smaller and smaller each day, we still see it in the smallest things.


To be a fully functioning adult, surprisingly has nothing to do with whether you’re a guy or a girl! I know, shocker! But what matters is what you know how to do, and these are some of the skills that you literally just can’t adult without.



Changing the tires (car maintenance in general)



Though most guys know how to jump start a car or how to change a tire, very few girls do. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not a big deal you could just call someone and it’s done, but instead of being stranded for a bunch of hours waiting on the side of the road and missing out on whatever you’re supposed to, it would only take you ten minutes (tops) and minimum effort.







Regardless of your gender, it’s a guarantee that there will come times where you’re on your own for dinner. When the time comes don’t just Otlob! Learn how to make a couple of your favorite meals, trust me your body and wallet will thank you.



Being good with kids



Whether it’s your little sister, cousin, or your friend’s kid, you’re bound to deal to with kids in your lifetime more than once. So do yourself a favor and maybe even you’ll enjoy yourself…who knows miracles happen.


How to use a first aid kit



While it’s usually mothers who carry this kit around, it’s extremely important for everyone to always have one laying around and learn how to use it so if you or your loved ones ever get hurt you know what to do and could even stop a bad situation form being worse.






While this seems trivial, you wouldn’t think so when your seamstress ruins your pants for the second time, or even worse, forgets all of it until you have to pick it up. So avoid the headache and just do it yourself…. That way you could be sure it’s done right or at least done.


Martial Arts



While this is a male dominated sport, there is absolutely no reason that the boys have all the fun. Not only MMA is a great way to release all that pent up anger, it’s a great way to protect yourself and it’s fun. What more could you ask for?







Whether your guy or a girl, there is absolutely no excuse for your house to look like a barn, so do everyone a favor, especially yourself and learn basic cleaning skills.



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