18 Dishes You Can Have in Cairo That Are Better Than Any Relationship in Your Life

Dhaffer L’Abidine may be hot, Mona Zaki may be stunning, but none of them compare to the most attractive thing in the whole wide world: food. Food is probably the most gorgeous thing you’ll ever encounter in your life. Not sold? We’ve rounded up a list of the most beautiful foods you’ll ever bump into in Cairo.



This koshari from Zooba! Look at that da2a ya gama3a!


Koshary Essentials 101. #Homegrown #EatLocal #KnowYourFood #RealFood

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Anyone know the number to Mince’s mozza burger because we want her!?!?


Our Mozza burger (n.): Cheesy deliciousness in a bun. #MinceFest #Repost @thehungrygiraffeeats

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This delicious chocolate rum and vanilla blueberry wine ice cream from Il Gelato! Yes, it has alcohol, you guys!!!




This classic Greek salad from Crave is more beautiful than we are




Kazoku’s tenderloin is sexier than anything we’ve ever seen in Sahel this year


Dig into to the perfect tenderloin. #FollowTheBirds #Repost @mydiningexperiences

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Hilary Duff meant Ovio’s molten chocolate cake when she said “this is what dreams are made of”




Can someone introduce us to The Edward’s all meats pizza???




We want to take Taghmisa’s cheesy fries to Vegas then marry it 




Relationship status: One Oak’s skewer




Love at first sight exists, you guys! Thank you Casper & Gambini’s and its tiramisu for giving us all the proof we needed




Don’t get us started on AMPM’s Asian salmon 




This absolutely perfect sushi circle from Mori Sushi!




Why do these noodles from Pinoy make us feel things?


Is it just us or this pancit malabon has hypnotising powers? Look how gorgeous it looks.

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We love you, Studio Masr’s mansef




And in this moment, we swear we were Kazlak’s coffee butter sirloin steak 




Don’t cha wish your kebda was as hot as Kazouza’s?




We want to spoil Bab El Hadid’s cheese malfouf and make all its dreams come true




We want to cuddle with Gringo’s tinga shredded chicken burrito




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