Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Burj Khalifa

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On the Burj Khalifa’s seventh birthday, we decided to compile a list of fun facts you probably did not know about the Dubai building.



It’s tallest building in the entire world, obviously


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The building stands at 828 meters tall, ruling the city from up above. It’s three times as tall as Paris’ Eiffel Tower and nearly twice as tall as New York’s Empire State Building.



The weight of the concrete used to build Burj Khalifa is equivalent to 100,000 elephants. Yup, you read that right! Oh, and the total weight of aluminum used on Burj Khalifa is equivalent to that of five A380 aircraft


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And of course, it has the tallest service elevator in the world


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At the peak of construction, 12,000 workers worked on the building per day


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The design is an abstraction of the Hymenocallis, a flower that has long petals that extend from its center


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This tower was initially named as Burj Dubai


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Burj Khalifa sits on a man-made lake which wraps around the building and offers dramatic and breathtaking views of the building


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Burj Khalifa requires a supply of 250,000 gallons of water each day! Oh, and the total electricity consumption of the building is equivalent to the electricity consumed by 360,000 bulbs of 100-watt each burning at the same time


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WE SAID THIS: Happy 7th birthday, Burj Khalifa!