7 Facts About That Blonde Guy You All Are Making Fun Of

I will never understand why it’s still okay to cyberbully people with the whole country backing up thinking that it’s funny or acceptable. It’s one thing to make fun of a weird statement, a live show moment, a music video or a tweet, and a whole other thing when you criticize and humiliate someone for looking different.


A photo of fashion designer and Project Runway ME contestant Mohanad Kojak and actor Ahmed Magdy at Mawlana’s red carpet premiere went viral yesterday. It all started with comments about Magdy’s suit looking like pajamas, and within hours the whole country was talking about Kojak’s hair and outfit. Even Indomie Egypt’s Facebook page threw a tasteless joke. Last time I checked, I don’t wake up thinking, “what should I wear to please strangers I’ve never met in my life?” and neither should anyone else.


So for all of you out there who judged this young man based on his outfit, who completely ignored how cyberbullying can lead to depression and suicide, who think anything other than mainstream is not worthy, these are seven things you need to know about this blonde guy.



He is a 22-year-old Egyptian guy who started his own business and made a name for himself in less than three years


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He is a 22-year-old Egyptian guy who had the chance to work with Elie Saab


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He is a 22-year-old Egyptian guy who launched seven brilliant collections


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He is a 22-year-old Egyptian guy who dresses up the biggest celebrities. Trust me, celebs are very hard to please or even reach


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He is a 22-year-old Egyptian guy who made hundreds of winter coats for Syrian refugees in Lebanese camps


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He is that type of artist who dares to launch something completely out-of-the-box in a merciless country that will eat you like hyenas 




But most importantly, he is kind, helpful and generous


“Some dream, some aim high; and some aim higher. They say if we stop dreaming, we die; He said. I stood there mesmerizing and gazing at the man who took his life by storm and fought his sweet way with a sweet tooth and sold sweet happiness to the people he meet; and smiled to have had came across a soul similar to mine. This goes to the ones who didn’t find a place in this ugly world of ours; yet, fought hard to make a whole new world of their own.” – #Kojak to #بياع_الفريسكا Sending all the love to @nineteen84management and @dina.hashish #bykojak #fashion #fashiondesign #fashiondesigner #menswear #bohochic #model #success #story #menstyle #style #patterns #suit #gold #vintage #black #bun #hairstyle #portrait #photography

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A year ago, we wanted to surprise the sensational freska guy, Youssef, with the best outfits Egyptian designers have to offer. The only designer who seemed ecstatic about helping someone who feels lost and bullied for being different was Kojak. He made him a flawless suit that cost a lot of money as a gift without a second thought.


I was watching both of them very closely when Youssef had a comment about the suit’s buttons. I thought Kojak will definitely go all diva on him, instead I was humbled by his modesty, even though I’m sure that Youssef’s suggestion was not something Kojak would ever want to do, all he said was, “whatever you want, we want to make you happy.” That is the guy you are all making fun of for likes and shares.



WE SAID THIS: Why is his hair dyed? Why is he dressed like that? Because he wants to. It’s that simple and a human being should be allowed to express himself however he wants.