Full Bazaar Dedicated to Modest Ladies by 100% Egyptian Brands

You would think shopping in a country where the majority of women either dress modestly or wear head-scarves is easy, but customers have been complaining for years.

Modest women don’t want to wear basic and mundane garments anymore. They want to express their sense of fashion. They will not settle for mediocre quality or finishing and ladies definitely want to follow fashion trends. Yet, it is a challenge when every good brand in the country is catered for European women. Shoppers constantly have to come up with smart ways to stay modest while rocking the look.

In the past few years, local brands have been leaving their mark on the fashion scene. They know what women need and they are delivering. The change in Egyptian hijabi styling is noticeable.

If you still haven’t found a brand that speaks your persona, there is a mega bazaar taking place next month and it’s all about modest wear, whether you are a hijabi or not.

The event will have 60 local brands attending. Organzied by Lydia Akram Galal, in collaboration with Entreprenelle and Brancloca, L.A Market will bring you everything Egyptian designers have to offer.

“The event is dedicated to every woman out there who wants to dress modestly. We decided to support local brands who we’ve personally tried and loved the quality they deliver,” L.A Market founder, Lydia Akram, told us. “Most of the brands attending are amazing startups and fresh grads who we believe are better than some international brands.”

L.A market will take place on Oct. 11 at Tivoli Plaza.

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