Are Fuel Prices Increasing Again in Egypt?

Via El Mezan News


Al Mezan News, an Egyptian online magazine that focuses on the economy, released an info-graph that shows the increase in gas prices that is expected to take place next month in Egypt. A huge buzz is expected to take place once the news is confirmed.


People are still questioning this piece of news as there is no certified source to confirm. Most Egyptians are going to be immensely affected by the new increase of prices, especially now that everyone is still trying to recover from the aftermath of the devaluation of the Egyptian pound.


According to the info-graph; the 92 fuel is set to increase from 3.5 LE to 4.5 LE, the 80 fuel is set to increase from 2.35 LE to 3.10 LE, the solar is set to increase from 2.35 LE to 2.9 LE, and the car gas is set to increase from 1.6 LE to 2.0 LE.



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