From Tarek Lotfy to Jamila Awad, 6 Celebs Showing Exceptional Talent in the Ramadan Race 2021

Every Ramadan season, with its endless amounts of series, only some truly stand out with unmatched talent and remarkable performances. This year, with nearly 20 television series being aired, some actors and actresses took part in more than one series, either as leading characters or as guests. And while some were criticized for not being up to the mark, social media applauded others who proved their talent, and starred in new and different roles. Here are our favorite ones so far; those we think have put on a great performance.

Sabry Fawaz

Sabry Fawaz is an Egyptian actor who has been entertaining us with multiple roles in the past few years, whether in film or series. But his talent was yet to be acknowledged. This year, he is finally being recognized after starring in three TV series this Ramadan season: ‘Khali Balak Men Zizi’, ‘Qasr El Nile’, and ‘Welad El Nas.’ Because the three roles are completely different, one of a psychiatrist, the other of a rich and sophisticated head of a rich family, and one of an Egyptian father, he continues to show us his dynamic talent in a new light, making it clear to us that there was always more that he could offer. We’re glad to see his talent shining.

Mona Zaki

You might think that Mona Zaki doesn’t really need us to talk about her, as she has proved her talent years ago and carved her name in the hearts of every Egyptian. With an undeniable talent and a mind-blowing performance, her acting in ‘Newton’s Cradle’ is definitely worth a standing ovation. From the very first episode in the series, we realised that this role will be a milestone in her career. After staying away from TV and focusing on film for quite some time, this is one grand comeback worth celebrating!

Tarek Lotfy

via Al-Ain

Prior to Ramadan, the poster said it all and raised our expectations super high, as we saw Tarek Lotfy in a new, and certainly attention-grabbing role. Thankfully, Tarek Lotfy exceeded those expectations in his lead role in ‘Al Qahera Kabul.’ Both this year and last year, several Egyptian actors played the roles of Islamist extremists, but Lotfy’s performance is different because he isn’t overdoing it, and it’s on point, being both realistic and convincing. It’s clear that he prepared well for this character, and his dedication is shown in the simplest elements, such as his look and the background study that he clearly did for the character.

Mohamed Farrag

This year, Farrag is a lead character in ‘Newton’s Cradle’ and ‘Ded El Kasr,’ and a featured guest on ‘Khali Balak Men Zizi’ and ‘Al Ikhtiyar,’ and we’re obsessed with not one, but all of his roles. Farrag is an Egyptian actor who is very meticulous about picking the role he’s going to play next. No matter how hard the role is, we never feel it with Farrag because of his exceptional talent. More than ten episodes down from all the series he’s been taking part in, and we still can’t pick the best role. However, one favorite scene would be where Mounis (Farrag), unintentionally expresses his love to Hana (Mona Zaki) in ‘Newton’s Cradle.’ A scene that was out of this world!

Sahar El-Saigh

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Although Sahar El-Saigh has been acting for a few years now, ‘El Tawoos’ is definitely going to be a milestone in her career. The controversial series which has been trending on social media from the time the trailer was aired until today for other reasons, is inspired by the infamous Fairmont crime. El-Saigh, who is the lead character in the series, plays the role of a young girl from a family that’s struggling financially and is drugged, sexually assaulted, and filmed by a group of rich young men. El-Saigh’s performance in this specific role is completely different than any role she’s played previously, giving her the opportunity to truly shine.

Jamila Awad

Jamila Awad’s first appearance on screen was in Ramadan, but this year’s appearance is new, different, and is making all her fans hate her, but for all the right reasons. If an actress can make everyone hate her, then she’s definitely doing her job well. Acting as Yousra’s evil daughter, with every episode that ends, the audience grows more and more furious to how black-hearted she is. However, we cannot deny that we started sympathizing with her because she clearly has issues from her childhood due to the attitude from her parents towards her. This year, Awad is showing us a new side to her talent that we absolutely love; we knew she was a promising talent when we first saw her!

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