Ramadan Dining: 7 Mouth-watering Saudi Dishes you Must try

Ramadan is all about gatherings and food. Muslims from all over the world fast, and when it’s time for iftar, they get creative to reward themselves. It’s a special time for Muslims to gather and have quality time, centered around food. There are a huge number of Middle Eastern dishes that are mouth-watering. But today, we’ll be sharing with you Saudi Arabian dishes throughout the holy month, and try not to eat the screen!


Muslims all over the world break their fast with dates. Following the tradition of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, this Saudi Arabian desert dish consists of dates, wheat flour, ghee, and sugar. It’s a delicious appetizer as well as a dessert.

Premium Photo | Saudi arabia traditional dish hineni, it is a mixed of  dates and whole wheat. ramadan food.
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This traditional Saudi soup is usually eaten during iftar, and is made of several ingredients, but the main ones are chicken, oats, garlic, and tomato.

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Another famous dish. Made with chicken, rice, onions and vegetables, this dish is a main on the iftar table in Saudi Arabia.

Celebrating Eid with Grandma's الجريش in Saudi Arabia… – Telling Food!
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A Saudi dish made of ragag, crispy flatbread, vegetables, and meat broth. This is a very popular light dish for iftar and a must-have on your table.

Thareed | Taste of Emarat
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Kabsa is a traditional Saudi rice dish. The rice is usually spiced and covered with either chicken or lamb meat. This dish will probably fill you up on its own, so no need to cook something on the side!

Saudi Chicken Kabsa Recipe by sumaiya shafi - Cookpad
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This dish is basically stuffed fried pancake or bread. The stuffing can be anything, and the most famous one contains meat, eggs, garlic, onions, peppers, curry, and ghee.

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A definite must in the holy month. Harees is made of coarse wheat and either lamb or chicken. Lots of spices are added into it to it as well, giving off that unforgettable flavor.

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These essential Saudi Arabian dishes will take you on a trip through culture and tradition. Try making some of them, regardless where you are!

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