From Shelters to Education: Educate SGWEN is Your Top NGO

Help and support are some of the most important characteristics human beings can offer. Several of us have tried or continue to try and reach out to charities and NGO’s in order to do it right, and certainly due to their credibility with a certain strategy to follow. Where the money goes, and what they do as a charity, are all questions we ask before we collaborate with them. Education and striving to improve illiteracy rates are definitely some of the main initiatives, which leads us to SGWEN, an NGO that serves charity committees and supports all those in need regardless of race, ethnicity or religious beliefs. For nearly a century, SGWEN has been serving the Egyptian society in different aspects such as education, medical care, providing shelter, and many more. Now scroll down to find out more about this NGO and their new educational initiative! 

All you need to know about SGWEN

SGWEN was founded in 1933. By the time it was established, it was registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs. SGWEN aims and educates its children by providing activities, camps and community services. Their primary goal is to lead a better and healthier society through their initiatives, one of which are ‘Educate by SGWEN.’

For the sixth year in a row, SGWEN has been aiming in providing underprivileged children as well as young adults the opportunity to continue their educational journey. The students are located across seven governorates (Cairo, Al Qalyubia, Minya, Assiut, Sohag, Luxor, and Aswan) in 69 villages amongst areas with low-income families in Egypt. The committee behind Educate_SGWEN are a team of five people who focus on contributing to the community goal for improving illiteracy rates, and providing them with more chances for an education. Make an impact today on society, and help our students learn with Educate_SGWEN!

Educate SGWEN Students

  • Consists of a total of 4,230 students 
  • Above 65% of the students are girls
  • About 10% of the students have a disability 
  • 240 students have reached university – the costs for each student on average is 450 LE, which cover the following for one school year: school admission fees, school supplies (pencil case, 2 copy books, 1 blue pen, 2 pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 ruler), backpack, uniforms and shoes. 

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