From Puffer Jackets to Corset Dresses: Here are 7 Egyptian Local Brands That Need to Be on Your Radar

by Rahma Haggag

Have you ever tried to wear from a local brand or are you still committed to popular international brands? Many Egyptian youths started to fulfill their dreams and launched their startup clothes’ brands on social media. Nowadays Instagram is full of new local clothes’ brands pages. The owners of these startups try to always spread the word and gain more followers mostly by sending gifts to some bloggers and influencers. On the other hand, not all the owners can reach those bloggers or influencers easily, so let’s put the spot on some of these local brands to help people know more about them.

  1. Marie House

Uniqueness is Marie House’s slogan. Marie house is a startup brand which is owned by Marie Emad. She launched her own brand, trying to fulfill her dream in the fashion field. Marie always had an eye for fashion as she always gives fashion tips and tricks to her mother, sisters, and friends to help them look more fashionable and trendier. She started her brand in 2021 with the hopes of being the most unique brand in the field. Let’s have a look at her unique black collection this winter. Looking forward to seeing her colorful and trendy collection this summer.

2. Mawlah

Mawlah is an Egyptian clothing brand which is owned by Fadi Ehab. The idea of this startup clothing brand is to intertwine Egyptian history with modernity. The brand offers t-shirts and hoodies that show the history of Egypt with different and iconic designs. Some designs show different historical places in Egypt, others show historical people and others are about lyrics of old Egyptian songs.

3. Yazi’s World

The artist and fashion blogger, Yasmina Eyad launched her own local brand, Yazi’s world. Yazi is Yasmina’s favorite nickname and that is why she decided to name her startup, Yazi’s world which means Yasmina’s world. Yasmina has her own touch of fashion that always looks trendy and fashionable. She launched her brand in 2021. The brand offers several things such as hoodies, bags, dresses, and onesies. Yasmina is also a certified stylist and she has an Instagram page called Styling by Yasmina. 

4. Yours. eg is a local brand that showed a very huge success in a very short period of time. This brand offers different collections to be suitable for everyone and every fashion taste. The startup’s founder is Samer Ismail and the co-founder is Gina Hatem. They launched a huge collection that included different types of jackets, coats, leather pants, hoodies, pullovers, and different types of sets through this winter. Moreover, their summer collection last year was booming. always tries to reach many bloggers and influencers in order for their brand to become more popular. The idea behind the brand’s name “yours” is to let all clients feel that this brand is their comfort zone and their own place. The idea came three years ago and they are looking forward to opening their own stores, in hopes of their collections becoming available to everyone.

5. Ohanna

Ohanna clothing brand is such a different and unique one. The brand always tries to launch very different kinds of clothing with trendy colors. Ohanna’s slogan is “we are citizens of the world.” This startup is popular with its corsets that we always see the influencer, Norhanne Eissa slaying in. Moreover, they offer an iconic set of puffers and jackets. If these statement pieces aren’t reason enough to check them out, well, the Egyptian musician Wegz styled several sets from them.

6. Dayana Fashion

Early this year, the actress, Dayana Hesham launched her startup clothing brand. Dayana decided to fulfill her other passion besides being an actress. She launched different kinds of winter sets in addition to the brand’s popular army pants. Dayana is looking forward to pampering every girl with fashionable looks through her brand.

7. Jaykay The Shop

So basically, JayKay is a startup brand mainly made to empower women by wearing daring pieces. JayKay founder, Jannah who has been always interested in fashion, attended a fashion design program to enhance her ability to understand what is fashion and what is design. The brand’s first launch was mainly basic attires made to lure in as many audiences as they can. That is to get as many girls and ladies to view their statement pieces which will be launching early next month.

These startup brands and more local brands are trying their best to show success in this field. It is not easy at all to enter a field that is full of global and very well-known competitors. That is why these brands always need support. So, if you tried to wear from a local brand before and you were satisfied, encourage the people around you to try also. On the other hand, if you did not have the courage to wear from any local startup brand before, we hope this list of brands got you excited to go and order from them.