From Olivo Pizzeria to All Day at Foufas: Here are 10 Restaurants That are Perfect for a Friday Family Day!

Food is one of the most crucial but beautiful aspects of our lives. We all develop a taste for certain dishes that offer delight to our hearts and souls. Furthermore, food unites us and draws people together by serving as a pathway for developing relationships and a symbol of shared affection. Consider how many people are able to overcome their grief and become cheerful as they begin to eat their favorite sushi roll or pizza slice.

If you’re searching for the best place for you and your family, then you’re in luck. Ranging from a tasty burger to a mouth-watering pizza, here’s a list of the finest family-friendly restaurants in Cairo that serve appetizing food of unique cuisines!

Olivo Pizzeria

Are you a huge admirer of Italian food? Olivo Pizzeria is the ideal location for a family outing where you can indulge in a variety of pizzas. This is Cairo’s first gourmet Neapolitan pizzeria, and the pizza there is outstanding!

Em Sherif

If you’re talking about authenticity and oriental cuisines, Em Sherif has a lot to offer. This is an oriental restaurant that reintroduces long-forgotten traditional flavors while providing an unrivaled first-class dining experience to its patrons.

It is designed to resemble a historic oriental mansion, complete with elegance and Em Sherif’s personal touch, as well as a cozy ambiance where guests are served whatever is prepared on a daily basis.

Don Eatery

A soulful Asian street food joint with a variety of delicious ramen and other one-of-a-kind meals that will warm your heart.

The Tap

With three locations in Maadi, Sheikh Zayed, and New Cairo, this is Cairo’s favorite laid-back restaurant/bar. Families may enjoy refreshing drinks, comfort food, and live entertainment at this local hangout.


Andrea is a barbecue restaurant in Cairo that is well-known for its delicious grilled chicken that will lift your mood. Since 1958, this has been Egypt’s oldest chicken restaurant, specializing in grilled chicken, quails, alongside other legendary appetizers.

Tawlet Yvonne

We can’t wait for “Tawlet Yvonne” to open, since it will serve home-cooked Lebanese cuisine and is set to open in early Feb.

Gigi’s Burger Bar

For burger fans, this hidden gem serves you one of the city’s most delectable burgers that will purify your soul and make you lick your fingers!


Oke is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that combines Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese flavors to create one of the most authentic cuisines available. It’s a must-have that will transform your life!


Consider the following scenario: you’re going out with your family, but everyone has different food preferences, and you’re craving sushi while another family member is craving pizza. How are you going to be able to receive everything you desire from the same restaurant? Well, Eatery just made things a lot easier because it’s an extravagant restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines tailored to certain needs. The restaurant serves international, European, and even Asian cuisine that will make your pulse beat quicker than usual.

All Day at Foufas

Created by two sisters who are interested in the magic of food, this is a welcoming restaurant with to-go specials, artisanal coffee, desserts, and other breakfast items to make you feel at ease. It’s a great spot for a family outing that will restore your sense of ease.

If you’re still debating whether or not to visit one of these locations, now is the time! Apart from the experience, you’ll be doing your body a favor, and the pleasure you’ll get from each taste will be unforgettable!

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