From Mona Zaki To Eyad Nassar: 10 Arab Actors Who Have Had Oscar Worthy Careers! 

Acting is a form of art that requires actors and actresses to delve deeper into their characters’ inner thoughts and mental states, not only the way they walk or dress. Some actors are simply fascinating because they can transport themselves into a different dimension where they can conjure up such complex ideas in order to best embody their characters. As a result, the Arab world has seen a plethora of talents, including several who have dazzled us with their performances over the years. These performances gave us the chills because some of the actors/actresses have had Oscar-worthy careers.

But don’t be fooled; an Oscars nomination isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s an award that recognizes an actor’s commitment to the character he or she portrays. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Arab actors and actresses who, in our opinion, have had a stellar career deserving of an Oscar award.

Mona Zaki

Mona Zaki, the legendary Egyptian actress, has had a long and illustrious career in which she has been in numerous films. She is a formidable force in Egyptian cinema, and her presence serves as a symbol of women’s liberation for future generations. In her film, Dam El Ghazal, she gave a fantastic performance that deserves an Oscar!

Eyad Nassar

Jordan’s Eyad Nassar is a versatile actor who can play a variety of roles, from a television host to a psychiatrist. Nassar gave outstanding performances in The Blue Elephant 2 and Diamond Dust, in which he played two very distinct parts while adding some magical touches to both. A real and humble actor who has shone brightly on the big screen throughout his career and deserves an Oscar without a doubt.

Menna Shalaby

We can talk about many of Menna Shalaby’s films now, but if we’re going to award an Oscar, then Shalabi’s performance as Nawara is something we can’t overlook. Her performance in the film Nawara is outstanding in every way and is a great work of art. The character’s emotions and aesthetics are expertly woven together in a rhythmic manner. This performance is Oscar-worthy, and the film as a whole was a major success for Egyptian filmmaking.

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Muhammad Mamdooh

Yes, Mamdooh has been tearing up Egyptian cinema in such a bizarre way that we’re left wondering how a talented actor can ascend to prominence so quickly. In all honesty, he gave incredible performances that amazed us because he is a gifted actor who can portray anything from villains to a hilarious banker plotting to rob the bank where he works! His performance in Abo Saddam, on the other hand, was outstanding. As he embarks on a series of events, he depicts a truck driver who is heavily impacted by toxic masculinity. A real artist with an Oscar-worthy performance.

Hend Sabri

With a career that is difficult to achieve by others in the business, the Tunisian actress has exceeded herself. However, her portrayal in Asmaa remains a masterwork where acting is a literal form of art. She portrays an AIDS-affected woman who refuses to succumb to the terrible disease. She makes enormous efforts to heal and to aid those who are afflicted with the same fatal disease by providing glimpses of hope. An excellent performance that merits more than one Oscar, especially considering the film’s stunning cinematography.

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Maged El Kedwany

Maged El Kedwany is a flexible actor who can effortlessly transition from one genre to the next. His career establishes him as one of the most prominent figures in Middle Eastern and Egyptian cinema. His performance in El-Asliyyin is something that can’t be described. He portrays “Samir,” the patriarch of a tiny family and a bank employee. His life, however, is turned upside down when he comes across a secret organization. For such a character, Kedwany’s performance would undoubtedly get him an Oscar award.

Saba Mubarak

Saba Mubarak’s performance in Amira is quite extraordinary. She had a fantastic role in the film that provoked numerous debates and discussed Palestinian identity in an unusual manner. As a result, Mubarak’s performance in the film would undoubtedly earn her an Oscar award.

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Khaled El-Sawi

Do you know any actors who can play a haunted person convincingly? Well, Khaled El-Sawi, is definitely the one! El-Sawi is a talented actor with a unique acting style. He spoke extensively about his role in The Blue Elephant, claiming to have had some paranormal encounters that helped him get into character. Regardless, his portrayal as Sherif will be remembered for a long time. He played a haunted man who was under the grip of a demon and was able to seamlessly switch from his usual character to the haunted one in the blink of an eye. Definitely one of the best horror performances in Egyptian cinema, and deserving of an Oscar award.

Nelly Karim

Egypt’s Nelly Karim would need a long list of films to discuss, as she has worked in a variety of genres. She is an actress who can portray any role without breaking a sweat. Her performance in Clash was flawless, demonstrating her talent as an actress. Karim is also a versatile actress who can play a variety of characters without being overly influenced by them. Without a doubt, her performance as Nagwa in Clash is Oscar-worthy!

Khaled El-Nabawy

Khaled Nabawy, one of Egypt’s most well-known actors, has appeared in a number of foreign films, including Kingdom of Heaven and Fair Game, in which he produced outstanding performances. However, his performance as Ali Al Halawany in The Dealer gave us the chills! He nailed the character of a villain, and we believe he should receive an Oscar award.

There you have it,10 of the most talented performers and actresses from the Arab world. They portrayed some of the most lavish parts with grace and humility.

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